Sports replica watches are more luxurious and aristocratic

In recent years, especially in 2020, the trend of replica watches with blue dials has dominated the watch market. Top brands such as replica Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet have all launched watch versions with eye-catching blue dials in the brand's mainstream series. Recently, the particularly popular replica Patek Philippe 5711 watch on the market today also has a blue dial. Hublot is not behind the trend, many of its Big Bang or Classic Fusion replica watches also use blue.

With the Big Bang 38mm 361.PX.7180.LR.1204 replica watch, the blue dial looks very dark, combined with the embossed golden hour markers on the bezel, it is particularly outstanding. The dial base of the watch is finished by brushing straight to the center, so when the Big Bang 38mm 361.PX.7180.LR.1204 is worn in the sun, the replica watch is particularly dazzling. Not only the bevel on the bezel or the side with a glossy surface can reflect light well, but the dial also exudes a particularly pleasing effect.

36 round brilliant-cut diamonds are evenly arranged on the bezel by replica Hublot, each arc is shining and shining. Each arc has a round screw-stylized in an H shape-the first letter of the brand name. The material of the screw is made of titanium, so it fulfills the task of fixing the bezel to the complete case. The Big Bang 38mm 361.PX.7180.LR.1204 bezel uses a total of 36 diamonds with a total weight of 1.3 carats. The presence of diamonds strengthens this watch from sports series such as Big Bang to be more luxurious and aristocratic. In fact, today, a sports watch equipped with gems such as diamonds or sapphires is very popular. One of the most popular gemstone sports watches on the market today is the Replica Rolex Daytona Rainbow.

The replica Hublot Big Bang 38mm 361.PX.7180.LR.1204 watch has a sealed back and is water-resistant to 100 meters. The quartz movement is protected in a solid 5N gold case of the Hublot Big Bang 38 mm 361.PX.7180.LR.1204 model, which can provide power for 3 to 5 years.